Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 11

Here are the praises and prayer requests voiced in today’s service.
Pam is thankful for our fair trip as we all are.  Special thanks to the folks who help make that possible.  Linda and I met some new friends while we were there.  Cindy is thankful that all the family is well and back with us.  So are we.  Ruth rejoices that she got to go and see her sister and that she is doing better.  Linda and I are also thankful to get to see family yesterday.  Anita thanks the Lord that travel went well for her sun last week.  Pam says Chris’s surgery went well.
Cindy prays their car will be ready today.  Cindy prays the  grandchildren do well in school.  Pray for Pris who is not feeling well today.  Brenda’s neighbor that we prayed for last week lost their mother.  Keep praying for Shelly.  Keep praying for Edith as she will have more testing regarding her sleep issues this week.  Cathy asks prayer for K. Taylor and family.  I had a little trouble and missed the details.  Pray for wisdom for Pam in caring for her pets and managing her finances.

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