Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 13

Brenda says the supervisor we’ve been praying for is back at work.  John and Teresa are just glad to be here.  Dede is glad to be back and we’re glad to have her back.  Anita is feeling good about a job interview she had last week.  Cindy also had a good interview.  Jana recently found out they are in line for an unexpected blessing.  Linda is thankful that she wasn’t hurt after backing off a ramp that didn’t extend all the way. So am I!

Kelly prays to get stronger and for her sister.  Kim goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out what has been happening to her.  She didn’t feel well enough to come today.  Pray for Johny, a friend of the Whitmores who took in one of Kim’s dogs.  He has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Pray for Daisy, a friend of Priscila’s son Josh who is very sick.  Keep praying for Mickie’s friend Dave to get a job.  Cindy asks us to pray for Cheryl, facing brain cancer.  Jana prays for her family to draw closer to God.  Keep praying for Kingston.  Pray for Jain who has become ill.  Nancy has lost her wallet.


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