Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 4

Here are this week’s praises and prayer requests.
We are delighted to have Pastor David back with us today and look forward to hearing what he has to say.  Pam is thankful for all of the Lord’s blessing.  Clark is back with us today too!  Edith is looking forward to results from her sleep study and learning what needs to be done.  Cindy is glad to be back with us today.  Rachel is doing better and has gotten involved in socker.  Anita says her aunt is doing much better.  She is up and cooking.  Ruth says her cousin came through her surgery well. 
Didi prays for the people who she rents from who are mistreating her.  Pastor david asks prayer for a coworker who has lost a family member.  Her name is Melissa.  Didi also asks prayer for her neighbors, her eyes, and her family.  Pam prays for opportunity to be a blessing in her complex.  She prays for a neighbor Michelle who is having domestic trouble.  Cindy prays for their car to get fixed and for her family’s health.  debra asks prayer that her vertigo stays away.  Pray for Shelly.  She has turned herself in and will need as much support as we can give her.  Anita prays for her daughter whose aunt passed away.  Her name is Beverly.  Pam prays for Chris who will have surgery this week.  Pray for his mother as well.  brenda prays for her neighbor Nora who had a stroke.  Now Nora has recieved news that her mother-in-law is not well.  Pray for Kim.  Her health problems are forcing her to quit her job.  Less is experiencing a lot of pain.  Pray for the people who were affected by the shootings in Oregon.  Pray for our nation that we will repent and help to bring this violence to an end.

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