Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 5

Pam is thankful for the rain and a new outfit. Ruth is looking forward to getting her sight restored. Karen thanks the Lord for having her tooth problemes fixed. Clark prraises God for improving health. Cindy is tthankful for a good week. ede is thankful for help removing a tree that fell on her house. Karen thanks God for His care over her friends after their house burnned.

Dede prays for a friend of her cousin Ringo, Tina, who had a heart aattack. Prray for Ruth as she has her surgery tomorrow at 1:00. Clark asks prayer for Mr. Ward whose health is worsening and has had several falls and mishaps this week. Kim prays for health and strength as she finishes her short term job. Brenda asks prayer for her daughter Sarah as she struggles through school. Linda asks prayer for our friend Sean, who lives inn Arkansas. Pray for his welfaer as he works through changes in his life. Pray for Richard who has had a health setback and doesn’t feel comfortable coming out in public. Pray also for Dana Tolley’s father, Richard who fell and broke bones in his face.

Please forgive any strange typos or missed items as I’m having a little trouble with my keyboard since the upgrade to my phone. Be a blessing this week.

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