Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 12

Ruth praises the Lord that she came through the surgery well. She’s in recovery and we’re delighted to have her with us today. Linda thanks the Lord for an opportunity to meet new people with an interest in what we do while having our van fixed on Friday. Kim is thankful that the fair trip went well and that her job has ended successfully. Jana rejoices that she may get some help getting her home renovated. Kenneth is thankful for getting a lot of work. Pam is thankful for those who provide for us to be able to do things like go to the fair.

Lupe really wanted to come but has a migraine. Pray for Cathy’s mother-in-law. Cathy had to leave to attend to a problem at the home where she lives where she didn’t get her medication. Anita is out with a toothache. Pray for Kim’s health. Keep praying for the Terrell family. Brenda asks us to pray for the children on her bus and thanks God for opportunity to minister to them. Nancy asks prayer for her friend Tommy. Jana asks prayer as she needs to make a decision regarding Janelle’s education Pam asks prayer for her cats. Priscilla’s father Glenn had a heart attack on Wednesday. All the doctors can do is provide medication and home health care. Priscilla also asks prayer for her sister in Kansas who has come down with Parkinson’s. Pray for her as she is being called upon to take responsibility for caring for several family members. Keep praying for Richard Blake. We have not been able to get in touch with him. Ruth asks prayer for Perry Perry Fleman who is facing more health problems.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week.

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