Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 6

Here are this week’s praises and prayer requests.
Ruth is just glad to be here.  Pam rejoices that the vet took care of her cat.  She is thankful for God’s faithfulness and her salvation.  Pastor david came through his surgery ok and is recovering at home.  Cathy’s friend who had the knee surgery is also doing well.  Anita praises the Lord that her aunt is finally doing better and is able to eat.  Didi thanks God for blessings in her life and for help she has received.  Linda and I enjoyed getting to meet some neighbors that we had only talked with on Facebook before.  Brenda is blessed to be able to get everyone here today.  Pam rejoices that Chris’s mom is doing better after a medical scare.
Keep praying for our pastor’s recovery.  Pray for Kingston.  He will soon be do another treatment and they are hard on him.  He will need monthly treatments until he is seven.  Pam prays for the grandson of her foster aunt who is jsut five and will need heart surgery.  His name is Lucas.  Pray for debra who couldn’t be with us today because of the vertigo and trouble with the medications.  Keep praying for Kelly and Shelly.  Clark was released from rehab last week but they need a place to go.  Jana prays for her sister who is hospitalized after a heart attack.  Her name is Teri.  Brenda’s nephew lost part of his foot after a work accident.  Edith asks prayer for medical concerns.

  Pray for the congregation of the Central Church of the Nazarene who jsut lost their pastor.

Be an answer to prayer this week.

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