Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 7

Tim enjoyed getting to spend the day with his grandchild. Shelly praises The Lord that they got moved. She said Clarke did well yesterday without cain or walker. Pastor david is looking forward to our homecoming next week as are we all.

Cathy asks prayer for a friend with cancer. Jana asks prayer for a friend Teri going through dialysis. John asks us to pray for his brother Walter and his family. Shelly says that Doug is not doing well and having trouble with his throat. Pray for Kenny who went to the hospital on Friday with a virus. Lupe asks prayer for her family, especially Nancy who will have an interview tomorrow. Pray for Ruth’s eyes. Dede is not here because of a toothache. Cindy’s family has been ill. Rachel prays for a good week at school. 🙂 Pray for the whitmore’s granddaughter Leslie. Brenda wants us to keep praying for the parents of the children she mentioned last week.

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