Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of September 9 - Homecoming

We’re so blessed to be here in celebration of fifty-four years of God’s work in our church.  Teresa rejoices that someone provided for her financial needs.  Shelly rejoices that things are turning around for her.  She is glad to be back.  Pam thanks God for His blessings and everyone who is able to be here today.  April is rejoicing that we made it to another homecomming.  Priscilla says the baby we’ve been praying for is getting better and will be out of ICU.

Shelly asked that we pray for Kelly and that she would be able to come back to church.  Ruth asks that we pray for her sister’s sun Jim who may have to have a third surgery.  Pastor David asks that we pray for his sister Donna facing possible cancer.  Frances is thankful for all that Don and Brenda have done for her as are we all.  Joleen from North Dallas Baptist asks prayer for a missionary who was recently stabbed in Jordan.  Someone please respond with the one I missed.  April prays for the safety of paratransit passengers after recent events.  It’s good to see Elke again.  Keep praying for her recovery.  Pray for Jay Gibson’s son Jacob who needs healing.  Chris is glad to be able to be here and asks prayer for the health of his mother.Pam reminds us to keep praying for Chris’s foot.

I hope we will all take what God has blessed us with and share with others this week.  We are blessed to be a blessing.


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