Service of April 10 Brought to You by Tim and Cindy Terrell

Blessings to you, family and friends of BBT.  This Sunday, Tim and Cindy will bring the message and Sunday school.  I hope you’ll come and join us.Last week things were a little out of sorts, but eventually everyone got there and we still got in the lessons and a couple of songs.  We missed out on the honored member interview though.  We might have to fix that.
Edith was still in some pain and had to leave early.  Keep praying for her recovery.  Kimmie  is either getting out of the hospital tonight or tomorrow based on the Facebook posts I’ve seen today.  Keep lifting up our prayer requests and watch for updates on the site or on the Facebook page.  We post them as people get them to us.  I know there’s one I haven’t passed along yet.
Come on Sunday!  Be blessed and be encouraged to be a blessing!
In His love

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