Sunday 08-05-2012 " Where is your pebble?"

I hope you are doing well and that you are seeking the will of God in all you do.  We had a great service last Sunday and cannot wait till we will be back in service this week.  We had a good group Sunday and I hope we will have even more this week.  This summer is really hot and I hope you are all being careful not to overdo your activities, but attending Church should be a priority.  We only meet once a week and you need that time to fellowship with this family of believers.  And we need you!

This week I am going to speak about what it means to be the Church God called us to be.  The scripture verse this week is found in Ephesians 4: 1-16.  This is one of Paul’s last letters to the church at Ephesus and he wants to encourage them to be in unity.  How important is that to the Church?  It is impossible to be the church God wants us to be without it.  It is hard to get along sometimes with other people.  I know we all have our own ideas and thoughts, but when it comes to the matters of God, we don’t get to make the rules, he does.  We don’t get to do our own thing and expect God to change his ideas to meet ours.  We must know what it means to be part of a body of believers and try to keep our own ego out of what we are doing.  This Church was created to serve one God and we are responsible for how we do that.  This week I am going to give guidelines that cannot be changed.  We are given exact instructions on how we are to behave as a member of the body of Christ.  Read these scriptures this week and come and join in on what God has for us this week at BBT.

I encouraged you all last week to expect God to pour out a blessing on you this week.  I have been blessed already and I hope you have been blessed as well.  God desperately wants to meet your needs if you will just bring them to him.  My prayer for this week is that you will swallow any pride and open yourself up to what God has for you.  You may not feel like it but it matters not how you feel but how much faith you have.  Find someone with a need and meet it this week because God wants your help to do his work.  Pray for those that need prayer, share with those that need encouragement, and listen to those that need a friend who cares about them.  God will truly bless you.   We love you and are excited to see you this Sunday at BBT!


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