Sunday April 28,2013 "See something, Say Something, Do Something, Be Something"

What a great time we had last week in church at BBT.  Larry and Linda led us in Sunday school and in the worship service.  It was really encouraging to see that we are not the only people struggling with problems and unanswered questions.  I hope you will put in to practice the art of being an encourager. It is important to try and lift the spirits of others because I promise you, if you take the focus off of yourself you will see that you really are truly blessed and you have a lot to give.

I hope to continue this train of thought this week as we look back at the Gospel of John  the 13Th chapter starting in the 31st verse and going through verse 35.  Jesus had just had the last supper with his disciples and had washed their  feet.  He had sent Judas to go do what he must do and now in these verses Jesus is telling them what he wants them to do when he is gone.  He says it is a new commandment, it will separate you from everybody else.  Isn’t that what we want in life, not just be part of the group but something different, something special.  Jesus says I love you, now I want you to Love other people. Follow my example, do what I do, and if you do this people will know who you are and who you serve.  It is important for us to stand out.  Not so the world will look at us and say how great we are, but how great is he that we serve.  We should not be satisfied with just sitting back and blending in.  The way to stand out is the stand up. If you see something then say something then do something then you can be something.  I hope you will be in church this week and lets see something, say something, do something and be something.

Remember those mentioned in our prayer request last week.  One of the ways we love someone is to pray for them.  We may not have a lot of earthly resources but we have the power of Jesus living inside of us and with him nothing is impossible. Love your family and friends today like you may never get to see them again and reach out to a stranger and make a difference in another person’s life.  You have the ability to do it, just choose it.  We are excited to see you on Sunday and share what we have.  May God bless you this week and may his grace and mercy go with you!

We love you so much!!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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