Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 28

We’re thankful for the rain some of us got and for the nice weather.  We’re all glad to be here today.  Sharon thanks everyone for their prayers.  She will get to go home soon.  Pam is thankful for the Lord’s many blessings.  Dede thanks The Lord for a new refrigerator.  Anita is thankful for good things involving her son.

Pray for Priscilla who isn’t with us today because she is ill.  Pray for Kim, a friend of Pastor David, who just lost his father on Thursday.  Cathy requests prayer for Lori, someone she worked with who has just been diagnosed with ALS.  Ruth heard from her doctor again that she has to go back for another appointment regarding cancer testing.  Keep praying for Pam’s friend Chris and his mother.  Cindy asks prayer for Damon who will see the cardiologist on Tuesday.

Pray for each other and be blessed to be a blessing.


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