Sunday April 7, 2013 " Believe and be Blessed"

We were able to celebrate another Easter service at BBT last week.  God has been so good to us and his mercy endures forever.  We had communion and Larry brought the message.  I was in the back making lunch and have not had a chance to listen to the message but everyone tells me it was inspiring.  I think God for Larry and Linda and all the members who were part of the service last week.  A dear friend, Diane, who provided Easter baskets for all our members, also blessed us.  It was really special.  It was so good to see some familiar faces we have not seen in a while.  It really was a very special day.

This week I am going to speak to you from the Gospel of John the 20Th chapter and vs 24-29.  This is the story of Thomas, one of Jesus disciples, who needed to be convinced that Jesus had been raised from the dead.  We as Christians today want God to prove to us that he is real.  We want him to do something undeniable that proves he exists. Jesus message in this scripture is not about Thomas, but about the people who are blessed and we have not seen.  The truth of the matter is God wants us to believe without having hard proof to hold in our hands.  He wants us to have faith, and once we have it, we have enough. We don’t need anything else.  Our faith is our proof.  True Faith will allow us to believe even when we can’t see it.  We believe God is in control when all hell is breaking loose around us.  We can walk through the shadow of death because our Faith sustains us and we are comforted in KNOWING that we are going to spend eternity with Christ.  I hope you will be in church this week and lets be blessed because we believe!

Keep praying for those of our members that are having health problems, finical problems, spiritual problems, and relationship problems.  God did not promise life would be easy. For some of you suffer more than others but remember, Joy will come in the morning. We will get through and we will be blessed because we have the Faith to believe it so.

I am excited about seeing you on Sunday.  Lets have as many on the Sunday after Easter as we did on Easter.  I can dream right?

We Love you so much!!

Pastor David & Pris


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