Praise and Prayer Requests for March 31 - Resurrection Day

It’s wonderful to have so many people here today including Mary.  Ruth’s tests came out ok.  Brenda is thankful for a friend who was not seriously injured after being hit by a bus.  Dede and Pam are thankful for all of the Lord’s blessings.  Iris, a member who has not been able to be here in a long time is thankful that she got to come today.  Sara is thankful that her water heater was fixed.

Sarah asks prayer for her health.  Edith reminds us to pray for our law enforcement officials.  Carla asks prayer for her friend Dave to find work.  Sylvia asks us to pray that she won’t need an operation.  Brenda wants us to pray for a family whose children she drives because the father needs a job.  Pray for Priscilla’s father who lost his sister this week.

He is Risen!  Rejoice in Him always!


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