Sunday August 19,2012

Last Sunday was a crazy day.  We went to visit the church that helped start this church, North Dallas Baptist Church.  We arrived over an hour before church started but it was good to see many old faces from my childhood. The Church has changed quit a bit since I was there,  they now meet in the same room Bartimaeus started out in.  They have gone through many struggles but they are devoted to keep this church open.  I was very encouraged at how they are working to build this ministry back up to where it began over 100 years ago.  I was excited to get back to Bartimaeus and share this news with our members but on the way the water pump went out on our car.   Thankfully Larry was doing the service last week but it was disappointing to miss the service.  I know Larry and Don did a great job.

This week I am going to bring a message on living a successful life.  What makes a life successful? What is it that makes us happy?  What can we do to be successful and happy?
The scripture verses this week is in Ephesians again chapter 5 vs  15-20.  Paul is writing to his church and he is tell them to be wise and be careful to walk in the will of God.  I believe this is a blueprint to be successful and happy.  Read these scriptures this week and see what God has for you.  Invite someone to come with you on Sunday and lets see what God has for us.

I heard from Joel this week and for the next 2 months he will be out of town and not be able to be with us but hopes to be back in October.  We will miss him but they are doing great things for the Lord so we will just have to share them with others.  Mary Taylor is in the hospital at Baylor as she was very ill last week.  She is much better and out of ICU. Keep praying for her.  Kay was also taken to the Hospital on Monday and I am not sure what room she is in but both Kay and Richard need our prayers. Larry still needs our prayer for his headaches but he did tell me while he was preaching Sunday they did not bother him. Just goes to show you put your mind on God and you can do anything.   I hope you are having a great week and that you are looking for and expecting God’s blessings in your life.  We will be in church on Sunday and I hope to see you there.  We do love you!!!!

Pastor David and Pris


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