Sunday August 25, 2013 "The Weight of the World"

Last week we had a great day in Church at BBT.  Linda brought a great lesson about how we need to have a change of heart.  Larry brought a strong message on the powers we have, and the authority we have over Satin.  I heard some things that I knew but I was not using the power God entrusted to me.  I hope you left there on Sunday ready to stand firm against the devil and all his demons.  It is a constant battle but it is a battle we can and should win EVERY time.  We had a good group again on Sunday and hopefully will be even more this week. It looks like Joel will be out of town this week so hopefully we will hear from them next month.

This week I am going to talk about how we can deal with our disabilities.  We are all suffering from something at some time or other, but this week I want us to look at a disability every one of us deals with.  It is the weight of life, the weight of sin and failure.  It is something we all carry and I promise you it weighs you down.  Life weighs us down.  In the scripture verse this week Jesus is going to heal a Woman that had been bent over for over 18 years.  The scripture versus are found in Luke the 13Th chapter verses 10-17.  This story shows a loving and caring Jesus, a woman who needed help and a leader of the synagogue that could care less about the woman.  I want to see how this applies to us.  Do you want to have Jesus touch you and lift the burden off your shoulders?  He is calling each and every one of us to come to him and he will in no way turn us away.  It is not about the rules it is about a loving and caring Christ that wants you to rise up stand up and walk.  I hope you will be with us in the service on Sunday and as always I want you to invite someone to come with you.

Please remember the prayer request that were mentioned last week and I hope you can share a praise report this week on what God has done for you, maybe you could tell us what you have done for God!!!  We love this ministry and we love the people in this ministry.  Keep doing good things in the name of Jesus and we will see you Sunday.

We love you so much,

Pastor David and Pris


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