Sunday December 15, 2013 "Are you who you say you are?"

I was so disappointed that we had to cancel our service with Harvest Oaks for the second time this month! There is a reason for these delays but I am still disappointed. When speaking to pastor Jay this week, they will set a date in January to come and have our service with them, hopefully there will be no more ice cancellations in the near future.  I hope every one was safe and warm, and you had power to your houses.  I was so grateful we never lost our power but there were many of you who did.  This week, the Lord willing, we will have our Christmas party at the church and Heights church will be with us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  The ladies that do our Christmas stockings will be with us as well. I hope you will be with us as we fellowship together.

As I was feeling down and disappointed about last week I read in Matthew where John the Baptist was even questioning how he had spent his life.  Christmas is the time of year we usually talk about being jolly but this time of year is hard for many people.  It is not hard to long back at some things in our past that we can say we really messed this up, or things really did not work out like we expected.  It is normal to feel this way. There are always things we have been disappointed about.  I want us to look at the scriptures in Matthew 12: 2-11 and see if we can get a true idea of what John the Baptist was feeling as he was in prison and about to be executed. There is a lesson we can learn from what message Jesus sent back to John.  I hope you will be with us as we start at our regular time of 2:30 pm.

On a sadder note this week Lisa Garcia’s mom Thelma passed away. Lisa and her family have been part of this church for many many years and we are praying for Lisa and her family as they go through this terrible loss.  I hope we can offer comfort and support to Lisa this Sunday.  Continue to pray for those loved ones that are struggling as we go into this Christmas season and I hope you will be thankful for all your many blessings.  I hope to see you in Church on Sunday and keep doing good things for the people you meet as we celebrate the fact that we have been so blessed.

We love you so much!
Pastor David & Pris


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