Sunday December 22,2013 "What I want for Christmas"

What A great day we had in church last week.  I am so grateful for Heights church for the food and gifts and thanks to Diana Stevens for the Christmas bags she donated with all the good stuff inside.  I am so thankful for all the loving, caring and thoughtful people that care so much about Bartimaeus.  God is using them to bless us and then they are blessed by doing it. God is good all the time!

This week we will have our service just 3 days before Christmas. I decided I wanted to go back to my child hood and make a list of what I wanted for Christmas.  I feel so blessed and full of Joy but there are some things I would like to have. These things are not gifts I want from Santa but things I want in my life that come from God.  Between now and Sunday I am going to put a list together and share it with you on Sunday. We will also be having the Lord’s Supper; Pastor Larry will be presiding over this part of the service. Also on Sunday I want to read the Christmas story we read before opening gifts every Christmas with our family (Luke 2 1-14  K.J.). I want this to be part of our tradition as well.  Who knows maybe I will see if I can find the poem from last year and read it as well.  Sunday will be a time of sharing with each other as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I hope you will join us and invite someone to come with you.  Last week Mickey brought 8 people with her to the service she was so excited to have them come and so were we; hopefully they will get to come back each week.

This week Pris’s Dad had to be rushed to the hospital again but he is doing better now and has gone back home but Glenn and Mary need you to keep them in your prayers.  We got a good report from Jerry Gibson it seems the chemo has started to shrink the cancer in his throat and we are hopeful that they will be able to get all of it.  They are holding off of chemo for a couple of weeks to let him get his strength back.  Please remember to pray for him everyday.  I am excited to see you this week and my prayer for you is that you see how blessed you are and what a blessing you can be to others. Do good things in Jesus name.

We love you so much!!!!

Pastor David and Pris


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