Sunday December 4,2011

The weather has changed and winter is here.  I hope we don’t have as much cold weather this winter as we had  hot weather this summer, but whatever we have we will be blessed.  Speaking of being blessed we had a blessing on Sunday.  There was not as many of us in church but we were really able to minister to one another especially during our prayers at the end of Sunday school.  I hope you will make plans to be in church this week because I promise if you come someone is going to bless you.

This week is about Christmas and we are going to talk about “Christmas is a God thing.”  The scripture verses this week are found in Luke the 1st chapter and verses 26-38.  It is the story about God’s angel coming to Mary and telling her about what God was about to do.  We are going to talk about why God had to do this for us.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving last week and I hope you are looking forward to the Christmas season ahead.  Keep your priorities in order this season, enjoy the music the lights and gathering together with family and friends but remember Christmas is a God thing.  We are celebrating God coming down and being part of us in his son Jesus Christ.  Remember the question I asked you last week:  “Where would I be without God in my life?”  Here is another question  “Where would we be if Jesus had not left heaven and came to us as a baby in a manager?”

We have so much to be grateful for as we live each day of our lives under the watchful eye of a caring and loving father.  I hope you enjoy the life God is giving you and I hope you will share it with us.  We need you in our lives, and God wants you in his.  Be sure and check in on the prayer request posted on our website and let me give you a prayer request of my own.  My sister called us this morning and my brother in law may be about to lose his foot due to diabetes.  They are going to the doctor today and see if his foot can be saved. Please pray the doctors can do something to save his foot.  We love you all so much that the question I am asking is “What would I do without all of you?” I know my life would not be as full and blessed without each and every one of you in our lives.  We will see you on Sunday and lets do good things for the people God brings us into our lives this week.

Pastor David & Pris


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