Sunday February 9 2014 "You are Blessed"

Mother Nature has once again played havoc with our services.  We were unable to meet last week but I am hoping this is the last time this year we have to cancel our services.  I really miss our fellowship each week and I know that my week is dragging because I missed getting to worship with you.  The good news is Sunday will be here before you know it and I can’t wait!

I am going to bring the message I had prepared for last week.  We are going to see why Jesus calls us Blessed. We will be in the book of Matthew the 5Th Chapter reading vs 1- 12.  We are going to go through all 9 of the Beatitudes but this week we are going to do the first two. I hope you will join us on Sunday.

Last Saturday I was waiting for a deliveryman to make a delivery to my house. As I sat in the living room I notice my lights flicker but did not think much about it. The deliveryman called me and said did you know the house next door to you was on fire?  I ran out side and sure enough the house that is lest then 10 feet from my house was blazing.  The fire department pulled up as I ran outside and I saw my neighbor’s wife huddling behind my truck holding her baby. Everyone was out of the house but the house was destroyed.  As I watched these fireman and firewomen risk their lives to put out this fire I grew a greater respect for what they do.  I felt so sorry for my neighbors but was thankful no one was still in the house.  Please pray for this family as they try and restore their house and the belongings they must have lost.

We also need to keep Jerry Gibson in our prayers each day as he begins his new intense treatment of chemotherapy.  Jay Gibson’s son Jake is also in Children’s hospital going through some tests as well, keep them in your prayers as well.  If I hear any news on Anita I will pass that along as well.  Keep doing good things keep praying for those that need our prayers and keep sharing your faith with the people you meet.  We love you and will see you on Sunday!

We love you,

Pastor David & Pris


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