Sunday January 12, 2014 "How to you see Jesus?"

We had another great day worshiping the Lord in Church last week.  We had several people back who had been out for a while but there were some still out sick.  Our prayers are with those who are still suffering.

Last week we looked at how God sees you. We talked about how God is for you, how he loves to do new things and how he has new names for all of us who feel like we are losers or we just don’t amount to anything.  This week I want us to go over how do we see God? How do we feel about Jesus?  The scripture verses for this week is in the Gospel of Mark the 1st chapter verses 9-11.  This is when Jesus is beginning his ministry and he comes to John the Baptist to be baptized.  We see what God thinks about Jesus but how do you see him?  Do you see him as the Messiah or do you just see him as just a genie in a bottle that you that you can rub and get your wish? Do you talk about God, you use his name but how do you treat him?  These are questions we are going to look at this week and I hope we will leave with a love for Christ like the kind of love he has for us.  We will start right at 2:30 so come early and visit and bring someone with you!

Please continue to pray for Anita as she is still in Parkland Hospital but she is still in ICU. She is just now on the 10Th floor in room 1008. You can only visit her at certain times so call before you go.  Please continue to pray every day for Jerry Gibson as he is fighting his battle with throat cancer.  Pray for Cindy and Tim as they are trying to recover from the flu.  If you have a prayer request please call me and we will get the pray line going.  I appreciate all of your hard work but we can’t stop now.  Do GREAT things in God’s name and be blessed!  We will see you on Sunday.

We love you so much

Pastor David & Pris


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