Sunday July 1, 2012 "Church at the Park"

We had sad news last week when our brother Ed Thompson passed away Saturday morning.  We had a memorial service for him last Sunday and got to share how we felt about Ed.  It is always sad for us when we lose a family member but we rejoice in the fact that Ed is now finally home.

This week we will be having Church in the Park.  We will have a picnic after the service and I hope we get a chance to share with the people around us as we Praise the Lord at the park.  If you  want to be part of this service please call me and we will make arrangements for you to attend.  If you want to bring food please feel free to do so but there will be plenty.  I have not even thought about the sermon for this week but I will have something by Sunday.

I am so glad my wife has made it home but she is not feeling well now.  She may have picked up a bug in Mexico so she could use your prayers.  I am excited about the service this week and I hope it is something we can do every year around this time.  Pray for those that God brings you to mind and keep doing good things is the name of Jesus.  I will see you at the park on Sunday!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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