Sunday July 14, 2013 "What kind of questions are you asking?"

I enjoyed our time at the park last Sunday.  It is good to be doing some things that are different and this was surely different. We had a good group and lots of good food.  Thanks to everyone that came and was a part of our annual church at the lake.

This week we get back to our usual schedule, back in the afternoon and in our air-conditioned church.  I am going to preach from Luke the 10Th chapter vs 25-37. In these scripture a lawyer comes to Jesus and ask him a question.  It was a question that was asked to trap Jesus by his answer. The lawyer knew the answer but he was hoping he could get Jesus to say something that would upset the people listing.  Jesus knew the motive behind the question and turned around and asked a question of him.  The question’s we ask say a lot about who we are.  Good questions deserve good answers and some questions we just don’t know the answer to but they still need to be asked.  Dishonest questions are the ones we ask to try and make other people look stupid are in most cases to make us look smarter than others.  I want us to think about the questions we ask and why we are asking them.  It really does say a lot about who we are.  I hope we can answer some questions this week, and I promise you they will be honest questions and hopefully we can find the answers.

I am hoping you are trying to be the person God created you and that you are asking honest questions looking for honest answers.  One of greatest gifts we can ask for is wisdom, but the greatest gift is love.  I hope you will see how Jesus answer the questions asked by him in these scriptures, and how we need to truly Love the way God ask us to love.  We will see you on Sunday and I hope you will love somebody enough to invite them to come with you.

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris


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