Sunday July 28th, 2013 "What is your Thorn?"

I really did miss being with you last week, but I am feeling much better and I am excited to be back in church on Sunday.  Pris told me how well it went and I am so thankful that I have so many people who are more than willing to him me when I need it.

Joel won’t be able to be with us this week as he is still traveling all over, playing his music and spreading the gospel.  I miss him but he is following God’s call and I praise him for that.

Last week as I was home alone on Sunday I ask myself why is that this is happening to me.  I was reading in 2ND Corinthians and I read about the thorn in Paul’s side.  It does not matter who you are trouble come your way.  God’s answer to Paul is the same answer he had for me and it is the same answer he will have for you when you question why is this happening to me? That answer is “My Grace is sufficient for you.”  I am going to read this scripture with you on Sunday from 2ND Corinthians 12: 7-10. I want you to thank about the thorns in your life right now, what is it that is hurting you? I hope we can see by the end of the day that God’s Grace is enough to get us through what ever we are going through.  Come join us on Sunday and invite a friend to join us.

This week I lost my close friend Kathie Judkins as she passed away on Monday afternoon.  We had been praying for her every Sunday.  I am going to be holding her service this Saturday at 2:30 pm at the New Hope Funeral Home in Mesquite.  I know she is in a better place but we will still miss her.  Pris dad is still struggling but he is hanging on and back at home with his wife.  Pris and her sister will go back to Tyler this weekend.  I really do appreciate all you prayers last week and I know that is one of the reason’s I got better so much quicker this time.  I love you and I love what you do.  I am excited to see you on Sunday to celebrate another Sunday praising God.  We will see you then!!!

We love you
Pastor David and Pris


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