Sunday July29th 2012 "Blessed are they who mourn"

We had a really great time last week at BBT.  Joel brought his group to lead us in praise and he also showed us we are really about to see revival not only in the churches but also in our community.  He said we want to be part of that and not just someone standing on the sidelines cheering others on.  We have a responsibility that comes with being a child of the King.  I hope you were there to hear his moving sermon, if not you can hear it on our podcast.

This week I am going to talk a little about how we overcome the tragedies in our life.
In wake of the killings in Colorado and a terrible accident here in Fort Worth where over 15 people were killed in an auto accident, we need to know how to carry on.  The scripture vs this week is found in Matthew the 5Th chapter and the 4Th verse.  It says “Blessed are they that mourn for they will be comforted.” Boy we sure hope so, but what does that mean.  I hope to discuss this on Sunday and see how God comforts us in our time of mourning.  It is a powerful thing to be able to give thanks even when we are in our darkest seasons.

Please invite someone to come with you this week and lets start this new time of revival.  Please remember the prayer request mention last week and please have a special prayer for pastor Larry as he is really going through some medical problems that the doctor have not really discovered what it is yet.  Our prayer is they will be able to find the problem causing Larry’s headaches and get him some relief.  Keep Elke in your prayers and keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers as we seek the will of God in all of our lives.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on this 5Th Sunday in July.

Pastor David and Pris


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