Sunday June 8, 2014 "Coming Home"

I believe everyone who went with us last Sunday to Harvest Oaks Church really got a blessing.  It was so good to see some fellow Christians we had not seen in a while and they really did welcome us into their service. Pastor Jay was so kind to allow us to be part of their service.  I can’t wait to get a chance to see them again!

This week we will be back at our regular time.  My message is going to be in Jeremiah 31 vs 8 thru 11.  This weekend my wife’s family is having a family reunion in Kansas. I am not sure if she is going to make it or not but it made me think about how my family doesn’t seem like we ever have family reunion’s.  I kind of miss the chance to see my relatives and talk about old times. Seems like the only time we get together now is at funerals.  That is really to bad.  There are many kind of reunions like class reunions but I have no desire to go back to see old classmates that I have not even thought about in 40 years, but family that is different.  The kind of reunion I am going to talk about this Sunday was inspired by what Jay taught on last week and that is our relationship with our Heavenly Father and how we need to come back home.  I home you will be with us this Sunday as we talk about coming back to God.

We did not have a prayer request time last week but I have a few people that we need to lift up. In my family Priscilla is still struggling with the pain in her foot, it is getting better but she needs our prayers.  My daughter Kim went to the emergency room this week and they found a huge mass on her ovaries. They are trying to determine if it is cancerous or a hemotoma, we will know more next week.  Dee Dee still has houseguest so continue to pray for her.  If you have a prayer request please call me and let me pray for you and get others praying as well.  I hope you are having a blessed week and as I always tried to remind us: “Lets do something good for somebody this week”.  I hope to see you Sunday and know you are blessed!!

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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