Sunday June 9th, 2013 "Who do you trust"

We had a great day in Church to start off the month of June!  I can’t believe the year is almost half way over.  It is really exciting to be part of the new life that is developing at BBT.  I spoke to Kelly this week and she is back in Mesquite and looking for an apartment.  She wants to come to church on Sunday and see everyone. I hope she can make it.

This week I had an experience where I have paid some money on line and never got the product.  It made me think, who can you trust?  Do we, as American people trust our Government, or our banking system our education system even our friends, do we trust anybody anymore? Maybe our money is right we trust in God but it ends there.  Do we still trust God?  We cannot live in this society without trust in something, but if someone hurts us we may forgive them but it is a whole other thing to ever trust them again?

This week’s scripture is found in Galatians 1 vs 11-24.  Paul is running into this problem with people trusting him after they learn about his past.  There are some people who will not trust us ever again no matter what we do but face it we have all made mistakes; we can change with God’s help.  Paul is trying to convince them why they should trust him now.  I hope you will be with us in church on Sunday and lets discuss when do we know a person has changed.  I hope you will invite someone to come with you and lets look at this lesson together.

Please continue to pray for this ministry ever day.  We are going to see what God has for us and when we do we will receive the blessings that go along with all our hard work. For the rest of this week I want you to try to be more trusting.  You may find that a person has changed and just needs someone to believe in them.  Be that person!  We love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday, till then keep doing the good things in your life and ask God to help you remove the bad. He loves you so much!

Pastor David & Pris


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