Sunday March 10th " Forgiveness from the heart"

I hope everyone is having a great week and I hope you are thanking God for your blessings.  Last week I continued on a lesson on repentance.  I really enjoyed working on this subject and I hope we will do more in future.  Pris was able to be back last week and she is doing well.  She gave us some insight into what God wants out of us.  She explained we get so busy with “doing things” that sometimes we need to just sit at the feet of Jesus and receive what he has for us.  This was really a word for me, I hope for you as well.

This week I am going to continue in the book of Luke the 15Th Chapter starting in vs 11.  I spoke for two weeks about repentance.  I explained this is how we take that first step towards living the Christian life. Now we need to talk about forgiveness. This is what we receive from God when we repent and it is what God expects us to do to others.  This is the story of the Prodigal Son.  This is a story that all young Christians learn from the moment we began studying the scripture.  It is easy for us to relate to and like the story Pris used last week about the Good Samaritan it is a feel good story with a happy ending.  Jesus does not give a parable just to be a good storyteller, it had meaning and he used it to teach the people to understand what he is trying to get them to see.  I am going to look at all 3 people in this story and I think you may be surprised at what Jesus may have meant to be the main character in this story.  It is a story that really hits home these days and it is so relevant for our time.  I hope you will read these versus over and over again this week and see what God has to show you as we meet on Sunday.

God has a plan for you and he is so waiting for you to use the gifts he has given you.  I hope you are praying daily for God to bring someone into your life that needs your special touch, whether it is a scripture God gives you to share or word of encouragement.  Maybe it is just he wants you to listen and sympathize with what someone is going through, what ever it is you can be a blessing to someone.  I am so proud of the people at BBT and the spirit that we are so lucky to have each other to fellowship with.  We really do love be a part of this ministry.  Do Good things this week and I will see you on Sunday!!!

We love you,

Pastor David and Pris


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