Sunday March 9, 2014 "You are blessed Part 3 " (again)

Mother Nature really threw us for a loop last Sunday.  Saturday we had 80 degrees then on Sunday we had sleet and ice on the roads, only in Texas.  I missed getting to visit with you on Sunday but I am really looking forward to seeing you this Sunday as we celebrate the wedding reception dinner for Arthur and Jana Breedlove.  Arthur is going to cook the meat and we all may bring a side dish.  We will not have Sunday School but have the rest of our regular service starting at 2:30.  We will have dinner around 3:30.  I am excited for Arthur and Jana, I know they have been waiting on this for several months and I am so glad we get to celebrate with them on Sunday.  Please invite someone to come with you and lets have a great day on Sunday.

As I was going to do last week I hope to finish up with the beatitudes in Matthew the 5th chapter starting with the 1st verse through the 12th verse.  I hope you will look over these verses this week and see if you are being blessed  or missing out.

This week Francis fell once again, this time hurting herself so bad she was placed in Baylor Hospital. Her brain was bleeding and they were very worried about her.  She is much better now and she is now moving into a nursing home her daughter Lisa has located for her.  Please pray that she is able to adapt to her new living arrangements.  Please call us if we can help you with anything.  Keep working on being a blessing to God and you will be a blessing to others.  Do good things and we will see you on Sunday, Lord willing.

We love you so much,

Pastor David & Pris


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