Sunday May 11,2014 "Mothers Day"

We did not have many in church last week but we have a great time fellowshipping together. Pris encouraged us to get out of comfort zone and do things for Christ that may challenge us.  We all get too comfortable some times, we need to stretch our faith.  I spoke about how sometimes we allow our circumstances to blind us to the good God is doing right in front of us.  I hope this week you will put on your glasses of faith and see how God is still in control.  You may not like the place you are in right now but God has a plan to lift you up and deliver you to high places. Just remember the more faith you have the more you see God’s handiwork, and the more you see of God’s presence the more faith you develop.

This Sunday is Mother’s day.  What a blessing I have to get to talk about the hero’s that have shaped us as adults.  If you were raised by a christen parents you are truly blessed. If not, know you have a heavenly Father that adores you. As I speak this week about mother’s I went on the Internet and found three stories that I am going to share with you this week.  I think they show how we as parents should be and how we should not be.  I am going to share with you II Timothy 1:5 as Paul is writing to Timothy and praises his grandmother and his mother. He talks about the faith that he sees  in Timothy he first saw in these two women.  We often overlook the women in many religious origination, including the Baptist, and that is so wrong. I do not know where Bartimaeus would be today without the influences of so many women both past and present.  I hope you will be with us Sunday as we honor our Mothers.

I hope you are praying for those listed on our prayer list this week and pray that God will bring someone to your mind to pray for this week.  It is easy to get so busy that we forget how important it is to care enough about someone that we will pray for them, reach out to them even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. God wants you to reach out to the people around you.  Who knows one day you may need someone to reach out to you. Trust me we all need to be cared about.  Know we love and care about you and I hope to see you on Sunday as we celebrate Mothers day.

We love you so much,

Pastor David &Pris


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