Sunday November 10, 2013 "What does it mean to forgive"

I really did enjoy the chance to worship with everyone last Sundayat BBT.  I really got ministered to and we hope we were able to minister to you as well.

This week I am going to do the last in a series of what we need to do to be a better Christian and a better person.  I was going to do a message on living with Hope but Pris really answered that question last week in her lesson on “Just let it go.” Instead I am going to talk about living a life of forgiveness.  When I think about forgiveness I think of the question Peter ask Jesus, How many times must I forgive a person, 7 times?  I want to look at this scripture and see what Jesus said to Peter and what he is saying to us. It is found in Matthew the 18Th  vs 21-35.  This is something we all struggle with including myself.  It is very hard to deal with anger and hurt feelings the way Jesus asks us to, but it is not a request it is a command.  Jesus says if you want to receive forgiveness then you must give it.  We do not get to get even.  I hope you will be able to join us this Sunday as we look at this hard but important lesson.

Continue to pray for those we mentioned last week, especially remember Jerry Gibson as he goes through his chemotherapy over the next 2 weeks.  He took his first session on Thursday and will go again this Thursday.  I hope you will remember to think about the lessons we learned over the last month, be thankful, never give up, keep your promises, and learn to forgive. Do great things this week in Jesus’ name.  We will see you on Sunday!


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