Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 10

Keep praying for Lupe who is still out sick.  Rith asks prayer for Coleen who is facing cancer and now injury from a fall.  Cathy asks prayer for Jimmy, someone she knows.  Keep praying for Jerry Gibson.  Kingston is back on chemo and is very sick.  His family was blessed with financial help for his care.  Cindy asks prayer for the Terrell family.  Anita is still praying for a job.  Jana asks prayer for her friends and family.  Pam wants us to pray for our leaders and the world.  Brenda wants us to keep praying for Richard.  Priscilla prays for a desire within all of us to get right with God.

Kim went to the doctor and the clot was so much better that she only needs to take OTC meds.  Pam thanks God for people who are praying for her.  Linda and I are thankful that God arranged a meeting with someone who may help us connect with other people facing disability.  We are delighted to learn that Jana and Breedlove are getting married.


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