Sunday November 24, 2013 "Harvest Oaks is in the House"

We are at that special time of the year when we start to celebrate the Holidays.  This week Harvest Oaks Baptist Church will be with us. They will do the entire service and provide our Thanksgiving dinner afterwards.  They are such a blessing to our church.  The service will start right at 2:30 and we would love to see you there to celebrate God’s blessings in action.  If you need any other information please call me at 469-394-3928.

We have so much coming up over the next few weeks.  This week is the Thanksgiving celebration, on Saturday is the wedding of Tim and Cindy at 2Pm, and we will have mini-church that evening at our house.  On Sunday December the 1st Joel and his group will be with us, it has been a long time coming but I am so grateful to have them with us during this busy season, we have truly missed them.  On Sunday December the 8Th Pastor Larry and Linda will have the service. Then on Sunday December 15Th we will have our Christmas party with The Heights church providing food and presents to all our members.  What a blessing Heights church has been to us over the years, they really are special people and a special church.  We are so thankful for all these people who believe it is better to give than receive and  I know they are blessed every time they come because they are doing the will of God.  We will be forever grateful and amazed at their willing to do so much.

Please remember our brother Jerry Gibson he has been in the hospital this week as they had to put a feeding tube in his throat as the chemotherapy prevent him from eating and swallowing.  We are praying for Jerry every day for his healing, his son Jay will lead us this week in our service and we can’t wait to see Jerry again.

As I was looking on facebook this week I see so many people listing all the things they are grateful for.  We are truly blessed to live in this Country and we are really blessed when we can call Jesus as our personal redeemer.  If you have not yet asked Christ into your life you are truly missing out on the Joy that comes with this personal relationship. I urge to look around you as we celebrate this season of thanksgiving and joy and ask yourself am I just going through life hoping to one day find peace.  There is no Peace till you know Jesus.  We want to invite you to come a join with us as we praise God and worship every Sunday at 2:30 and we want you to know that you also are a child of the King.

Do good things this week and we will see you on Sunday

We love you,
Pastor David and Pris


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