Sunday November 3,2013 Is your word your bond?

We had a relaxing and restful weekend last week.  Thanks so much to all of you at BBT for allowing Pris and me to get away last week.  I really missed you but we all need some time to get away.  That being said I can’t wait to get back in church worshiping with by christian family.  It is nice to get away but there is nothing better than coming home, especially if you love being a part of something like BBT!

This week I want to talk to you about keeping your word.  There is nothing that shows a persons integrity more than  they keep their word.  We may not have a lot of money or have a high position in our society but our words should matter.  More important than money and fame is a good name. I want to discuss the promises we make. I believe it is very important that we keep our promises to each other and especially to God.  This week verses are in gospel of Matthew 5: 33-37.  Jesus is talking about taking an oath or as we say make a promise and how our yes should mean yes and our no means no. We say somethings just to receive the praise of men and we make promises to God just to receive a blessing or answered prayer.  We make promises  not realizing how people may be counting on you keeping your word.  We all have made promises we have not been able to keep, but it should break our hearts when we disappoint our fellow brother’s and sister by not keeping these promises.  When we break our promises to God we should be asking God for forgiveness. When we hurt other people we show them we can not be trusted to keep our word, when we break our promises to God we are in sin and need God’s mercy and grace to help us be better.  I am so proud of this group of people at BBT as you work very hard to keep your promises to each other and to God.  But we can do better.  Lets’ talk about it Sunday as we discuss about how important our words are.

I want to thank all of you for praying for Kim this week.  She is struggling but she did find out she has a blood clout in her arm. They chose not to do surgery at this point but they are still trying to decide what to do.  We pray they will find an answer and get this fixed.  On Wendsday my great granddaughter was born. She is healthy and her and her mom are doing great.  My grandson was able to be in the delivering room and saw what a miracle birth is.  I think he has a new idea about what is important in life.

On a very sad note Jerry Gibson, one of the trustees at BBT, was again diagnosed with cancer. He had the cancer removed several years ago but it has come back. The doctor did not give him much hope and the alternative to removing this cancer was not what Jerry wanted.  I am going to pray for Jerry every day the rest of this year and believe God can do things Doctors can not.  I am making this promise to him and it is a promise I will not break.  Please pray with me and lets believe in the healing power of God.

I will see you on Sunday and I hope you will bring someone with you.  Do good things and make sure you keep the promises you make.

We love you so much!

Pastor David and Pris


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