Sunday October 28th 2012 " What can you see?"

We had a great day at BBT last week. Linda brought the Sunday school lesson and we had a guest speaker, David Richmond, who brought a message on apologetics. It was encouraging to see how science really does back up our beliefs!  I hope he will be able to come again.  Also we had a special guest in our friend Edith who played the piano last week.  I know Francis enjoyed having a day off.

This week was suppose to be the week Joel and Dana were coming to be part of our service, but unfortunately he is going to be out of town.  I was reading in Mark this week so I decided we would look at the man this church is named after, Bartimaeus.  The scripture is Mark 10: 46-52.  Bartimaeus could not see with his eyes but he did see something in his spirit about Jesus.  I know many many people who have excellent eyesight but are blind spiritually.  I hope after we spend time together Sunday we will have a better appreciation of the things we do have.

I hope you are having a great week and I pray you will not overlooking the little things in life, a chance to talk to a good friend, a hug from one of your kids, a beautiful sunset or a cool drink on a hot day.  Life will pass you by if you do not take the time to enjoy it. I want to live my life like this could be the last day on Earth. Take nothing for granite and enjoy the blessing that God gave us to wake up this morning and live in his world.  Share what you have and care about someone else, your day will be blessed.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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