Sunday October 6, 2013 "What would it take?"

I want to thank you for all of your prayers for my family last Sunday. Kim was taken to the hospital with the doctors saying she had a stoke. Because of your prayers and God’s grace there was no indication of any brain damage and no signs of a stroke.  She is still in pain by they are doing another MRI to see if she has a ruptured disc.  It is serious but not as bad as we thought.  They did find a “shadow” on her brain but they believe it is just a cest that she has had from birth.  She was able to go to the Fair with us on Wendsday.  We had a good group go with us to Fair but the parking is ridicules.  I am hoping we will do a better job next year.  I want to thank Larry and Linda and Don and Brenda for taking over last week, I know they did a great job.

This week I want to talk about some scripture I read this week, it is found in Phillipines 3 vs 7 – 11.  This is Paul writing to the church from prison.  He had every reason to be depressed and scared for his life but his words were to encourage and full of hope.  It made me look at my priorties in life.  I asked myself what would I be willing to give up for Christ.  Have I sold out to be a follower of Christ.  While praying for Kim this week I found myself promsing God if he would save my daughter I will rededicate myself to him.  Sometimes it takes a Life changing moment, Like Paul’s Damascus road experience, to get our priorties in order.  How about you, where is your heart? What is important to you?  This Sunday we are going to ask some questions that we need to answer for ourselves.  I hope you will be in church this week and let’s see what we can do to be more Christlike.

Please continue to pray for those that are sick and need our help, I saw first hand God’s mercy this week and it was because you loved us enough to pray for us.  I am so thankful for all yours prayers but let’s not stop now.  Jesus says we are to even pray for enemies.  That is hard but if we are sold out to Christ we will do it because Christ lives in us.  I am looking forward to see you on Sunday!

We love you so much
Pastor David and Pris


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