Sunday October 7, 2012 "Relationships"

I am writing this today after spending a great day at the fair with the church on Wendsday.  It was a beautiful day and I believe we had a great time, I know I did.  It is really special when we get a chance to spend time together enjoying God’s creation.  I don’t know if God thought up fried jumbolia but I hear it was AMAZING!!!!  Only thing better than spending time with our members at the fair is worshipping with them on Sunday’s at BBT!  I hope you will be with us  on Sundays as we share with each other what God has for us.

This week I am going to speak about Genesis 2 vs 18-25.  God created the Earth in Chapter 1 and in Chapter 2 he created man.  The rest is history.  We pick up the story in vs 18 and how God saw it was not good for man to be alone and there was only one thing to do, make a mate for Adam.  It would not come from all the animals he named it had to be part of him.  When God’s sees something and says that’s not good  he fixes it.  God fixed it, Adam and Eve messed it up.  Has that happened to you?  If you are alive it has.  We make messes out of the things God has fixed.  I want us to look at this week  the relationship we are in.  Are we neutering this relationship are messing it up?  We should be so grateful that God loves us so much that their are people in our lives that loves us.  Do we care about others or do we use people to get what we want?  Do you care about other people or do you care about yourself?  Before you answer that think about how you treat others.  Do you really care when a person is hurting. Are you thrilled when something good happens to someone else?  It is normal for us to want good thing for ourselves and our family but at what cost?  I hope we will look at the relationships we are in and learn to appreciate the love of God and the love of others.

Keep praying for those that are hurting and don’t be afraid to opening yourself up to others.  People want to feel loved and needed just like we do.  The more you love the more you will be loved.  I believe with everthing that is within me that we as a church we need to show more of God’s love to everyone we meet.  Share your story, share your mistakes and listens to others .  Help them by using the gifts that God have given us all.  In Jesus name.

We love you,
Pastor David and Pris


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