Sunday September 22, 2013 “A remembrance of Mary.”

This week we lost the last original member of Bartimaeus Baptist Temple.  Mary Taylor passed away Monday evening at Brentwood Nursing Home. Mary had really felt bad over the last 2 weeks.  She was able to attend our homecoming on the 8Th but she was not feeling too well then.  I will miss Mary because she has been a part of my life for over 50 years. She was so sweet and loving as well as kind.  Over the last year or so Mary did not enjoy her life and she was certainly ready to go home, but her leaving leaves a void in my life.  I know my Mom and Dad were so happy to see her and I am glad she is free from the pain she was in.  I know one day I will get to see her again but she will be a new Mary, no pain, she will not have to struggle to make me understand her, she will be the Mary got created her to be.  We will miss you Mary but we will see you again.

There will be a funeral for Mary on Saturday at 1 PM at Sparkman-Hillcrest funeral home and the burial will be at 3pm at Grove Hill cemetery.  If something changes I will try to let people know.

This Sunday we will have a memorial service for Mary during our worship service.  There will be no Sunday school just some songs and a chance for us to remember Mary and talk about what she meant to us.  I know her Son Kenneth will be in town and I hope there will be some other visitors that show up to pay their respects to a great lady and a really great friend.  We will she you on Sunday at 2:30 for “A remembrance of Mary.”

We love you,
Pastor David and Pris


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