Message for April 19: The Strong Deliverer

I really appreciate what Pastor David is doing with our honored member feature.  So many of us have been told we’re inferior, but God says otherwise!  These segments help us to get to know each other better and see each person as a unique and precious creation of God.  We vary in ability, but not in value.  Last week we got to learn a little more about Teresa Bradley.  We have the podcast up and Linda has put video on our Facebook page.  I’ll get that up on the site too very soon.

Priscilla encouraged us all with a message from her life and heart, and Pastor David reminded us how important it is that we be obedient.  Just like rebellious children, we don’t always want to do what we know God wants.  Just like a good father, He instructs us for our own good.

This week I’m going to continue talking about the deliverers of Israel.  With each person, I try to draw out lessons we can learn from their lives and also show how God used them to represent Jesus.  Our deliverer for the day will be Samson.  You can find his story in the book of Judges, chapters 13-16.  Here we have another example of what not to do, yet God used him.  In fact, God chose him before he had a chance to do anything right or wrong, announcing his birth with an angelic visit.

When the Holy Spirit enabled Samson, he was probably the strongest man who ever live, yet in terms of character, he was one of the weakest.  It seems like God went through every possible flaw a man could have in the people he chose, but He used them all to accomplish His purpose.  Come and join us as we learn about the strong deliverer and see why Jesus is the only one who could truly deliver.  See you there!

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