Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 19

Ruth and John praise God just for life.  Clark did not have a stroke.  He’s back with us today.  They are quitting smoking.  Shelly thanks everyone for their support over the past week.  Pam is thankful for forgiveness and His power to work out relationships.  Jana is thankful for the Lord’s protection and provision.  Lupe is thankful to be recovered from her sickness and injuries.  Kelly is thankful to be getting rehab therapy.  Brenda is thankful for opportunities to help others and getting to see her grandchildren.  She’s thankful that they are in church together.  Anita rejoices that her sugar is stable.  Pam says her friend David is better.  Priscilla rejoices that her youngest charge Isabella is learning to praise Jesus.  Janna delights in her daughter doing well in school and preparing for college.  Linda rejoices in a potential new friendship.

Kingston has to go back for a spinal tap soon.  Shelly may have another job opportunity and prays for favor.  Keep praying for Clark.  Brenda says that Chuck Small has another tumor.  Pray that pastor David is able to get the medical treatment he has been needing.  Shelly wants us to remember to keep praying for Kim.  Tim and Cindy had a window broken in their home and Rachel is not well.  Micki is in ICU on a respirator.  Debra is still strugling with vertego.  Pam asks prayer for Chris and for peace in relationship.  Kelly prays to walk again.

Pray for each other and be an answer to prayer this week.

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