Message for April 30: Who You Callin’ a Fool?

Blessings to you, friends and family of Bartimaeus Baptist Temple.  Here’s your weekly update.

It was great to have so many back with us last Sunday.  We were still missing a few, but we’re thankful for all of you.  We miss you when you’re not with us.  Priscilla and Kim spoke on the difficult subject of suicide.  They reminded us of God’s love for us and that this is never the answer.  Pastor David encouraged us to take up the mission that Jesus gave us before He ascended back to Heaven.  We wrapped up the service with a prayer of blessing for Shannon, who has completed her time of service with us through the Agape Program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you this weekend.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure yet exactly where my study of Matthew 5:21-24 will lead us.  Every time I have read it over the years, it kind of scared me a little.  Verse 22 seemed like a really harsh thing for Jesus to say.  I didn’t set out to address that particular passage, but it came to mind as soon as I set out to explore my original subject, so I read it.  I think the Lord is bringing me to a better understanding of what He is saying here.  As always, we need to consider the context to  understand.  This is about what is in our hearts.  Jesus shows us how we can progress from offense to contempt to complete rejection of those whom we aught to love.  This is becoming a very personal study for me, and I pray that the fruit of it will strengthen you as well.

Remember those who need our prayers and support.  Keep an eye on the site for updates as they come to us.  And as I always say when I post the prayer requests, let God show you how to be an answer to someone’s prayer.  He can certainly step in and do miracles, but he gives us the honor of performing His work.  What a joy to be a carrier of God’s blessing!

See you Sunday!


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