Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 23

Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Kelly says she walked 75′ on her walker last week unassisted.  We’re all rejoicing with John that we’re alive and here together.  Shannon rejoices to be one test away from finishing her schoolwork.  It’s good to have Michael back with us today.  Kim is having less pain.  Pam praises the Lord for good weather, blessings in her life, and the church.
Cathy prays for Janet, a classmate who lost a family member.  Pray for another classmate Jimmy.  Pray for Benny as he faces trouble with his heart.  Ruth asks prayer for Dana and her family facing illness.  Keep praying for Edith as she is still searching for the source of her health problems. Keep praying for Shelly.  Pam needs new special shoes so she can walk.  Brenda O still needs the attachment for her chair.  Keep praying for Anita.  Pray for the Whitmores’ son-in-law John facing medical issues due to internal bleeding.
Be an answer to prayer this week!

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