Message for July 15 - If God is Good

I think it’s a question that all of us ask at some point in our lives as we endure suffering or witness the suffering of someone we love.  If God is good, if He is loving, if He is all powerful and all knowing, why do bad things happen?  It can be especially difficult for us if we have been taught that suffering is not supposed to be part of a believer’s life.  When it comes, as it inevitably will, our faith can be thrown for a loop.

Because of the nature of our church, we seem to have more than our share of it.  And as if what we have isn’t enough, more is always on tap.  We’ve been praying for Kim for some time now.  Pastor David is sick again, and I have just learned that at best I have migraines and at worst something called temporal arteritis. An inflammation of artery that can cause headache and eye damage among other things.

I’m sure that over the years many have spoken to us on this topic, but I endeavor to do it again.  I pray that the Lord will show us all something we have not seen before.  This I know.  I trust Him.  He will accomplish His purposes in us.  God is good.  I hope you will come and be encouraged this Sunday.


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