Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 15

Kim got her walker and Pastor David is feeling much better.  Ruth says we need to pray for Lupe’s family.  Her uncle passed away last week and her aunt is not well.  Pray for the Flores family.  Kim’s sister’s grandfather is passing away and there are other relatives who are very sick.  Pray for the family.  Pray for her uncle Bill undergoing radiation treatment.  Her health is better and she has a new doctor.  Pam praises the Lord for the opportunity to go with Linda and see Anngela.  Anngella is better bu tstill needs our prayers.  Pray for Kelly who is now in Desoto and isn’t happy there.  Pray for Chuck and Sarah.  Pastor David’s coworker Mert’s wife that we have prayed for in the past now has a brain tumor.  Her name is Frances.

Let us pray for each other this week and remember to thank God for all that He has alredy done for us.  Be blessed to be a blessing.


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