Message for March 19: Oh Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble

Blessings to you, family and friends.  Here’s this week’s update.

It was a small crowd again last Sunday.  Only once before since we’ve been coming do I remember Don and Brenda not being there.  We missed Edith too.  Keep her in your prayers that she will get better.  I was looking forward to working with her on the songs.  A live musician is always better.  But I was able to pull together some background tracks and we made it through.  Pastor David took us back to the basics, reminding us of the core of our faith.  We must be born again.

While I was preparing, I kept reminding myself, “Your job is to direct the people to worship God, not to take glory for yourself.”  That’s what got me thinking about the topic for Sunday’s message.  Humility doesn’t come naturally for us.  We might even have a low opinion of ourselves, but we want everyone else to pump us up.  Pride and humility are both attitudes of the heart.  

I was going to call this message, “It’s Not About You.”  Linda asked me if I hadn’t already used that title, and sure enough, Back in October of 2015 I did, and even used the same passage we’re going to study this Sunday.  It seems I needed a little humbling.  🙂  When I compared what I did before to what I have just prepared, I found it is really a very different message.  It is a testimony to how God’s living word can reveal something new from the same text every time you read it.  So we’re going back there.  Explore with me one more time from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Chapter 2, verses 3-11.  

See you there!


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