Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of March 19

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Pam rejoices in getting better and being able to go to the gym.  Ruth praises the Lord that her sister is doing well.  We all rejoice to see Rita back with us today.  Cathy’s step daughter  has returned with their adopted children from Poland.  Shannon found a place to move.
John has his bed on the floor and is really feeling down.  Pray for his recovery.  Don requests that we keep praying for Sharon as she recovers after cancer surgery.  Brenda prays for her neighbor Nora with acute bronchitis.  The neighbor’s sister has been hospitalized for a long time.  Her name is Gloria.  Keep praying for Debra.  Keep praying for Cathy’s mother-in-law Vira who has been ill for 3 weeks and is reluctant to eat.  Pray for Dana Tolly’s mom Wonda who fell and has had a concussion.  Didi still needs a place to live  Brenda O is still awaiting the part for her chair.  Pam prays to keep getting stronger.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

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