Message for March 31 - He Is Risen!

Hello friends and family.  I’m excited to get to speak to you again this Sunday as we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  We had a wonderful time last Sunday with Joel and Dayna and the whole band worshiping together.  It was good to see everyone back who belongs with us and we had a new person come over from the nursing home.  The sad news was that Mary wasn’t with us.  Keep her in your prayers as she’s now under hospice care.

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday.  We’ll be celebrating with a time of communion, special music, and a light dinner after the service.  I hope you can come and join us.  I’m going to be sharing from 1 Corinthians 15:1-14.  Here Paul explains how crucial Jesus’ resurrection is to the message of the Gospel.  Without it, he says, our faith is worthless!  Most people don’t have any trouble believing that Jesus was a real person.  They will usually agree that He was a good person.  We have historical record that He was crucified by the Roman government, so most people can accept that.  The problem comes when we talk about the fact that he was also raised from the dead three days later.  This is no less true for its incredible nature, and as Paul points out, there were many who saw Him after He was raised.

This Sunday, I would like to share with you two things.  First we will talk about the necessity of the resurrection to our faith.  Then I’ll give you some information that you can use when you share your faith with others and the question of His resurrection comes up.  Let us proclaim with boldness and confidence, “He is risen!”


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