Message for September 16 - What is Your Platform?

Hello friends and family.  I’m so thankful for the Homecoming celebration we had last Sunday.  I know everyone enjoyed reuniting with old friends as well as others we’d like to see more of.  We’ve got some pictures and videos on the Facebook page already.  We’ll get them on the web site soon.  If you couldn’t be there, check out the podcasts.

This is an election year, and the date is coming up fast.  If you haven’t registered to vote I hope that you will do so and prayerfully consider the choices you make.

Each election cycle, the political parties meet and decide on their platforms.  In a physical sense, a platform is a raised flat area on which one can safely stand.  Metaphorically, that’s what the party platforms are about.  They lay down a set of principles and ideas that are meant to form the foundation on which each candidate will govern.  Though individuals may not adhere completely to the party platform, it tells you something about them that they will run under the banner of a particular party.  I urge you to read the platforms of the major parties prayerfully and make your choices with that in mind.

I want to ask you a more important question.  What is your platform?  What are the foundational principles and ideals that govern your life?  Do you indeed stand on them?  Do you live what you say you believe?  Does your belief touch every area of your life?

Our nation’s problems didn’t start with the politicians.  They started with the people who chose those politicians.  If we will not choose leaders who reflect Godly principles, we will get what we deserve.  If we are not devoted to knowing God’s laws ourselves, we cannot hope to select leaders who will uphold them.

Jesus is our rock.  He is the foundation on which everything must stand if it is to survive.  Everything that we think, believe, and do should be subjected to the standards found in His word.  Let’s explore it together starting with Matthew 7:15-27.


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