Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 16

Pam is thankful to be able to be here and for Pastor David and Priscilla.  ruth is here with us and better and thanks the Lord that Mary Ellen is out of the hospital and recovering.  We’re thankful for the much needed rain.

Don has learned that he has lost 60% of his kidney function.  Doctors are taking measures to prevent more loss.  Pray for success and healing.  I will be going for a biopsy on Tuesday that will involve minor surgery.  Linda has found a doctor who is willing to retest her for recurrence of the veinous issues that appear to be the root of Multiple Sclerosis.  Dede asks prayer for the family of her friend Patricia and for her own health and family.  Jana is thankful for her family and for getting her daughter into a better school.  Pray for Lupe who is having trouble keeping her blood sugar stable.

Be Blessed, and be a blessing.


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