Message by Larry Thacker Jr. for September 17: The Gospel According to Job

The book of Job raises hard questions.  Some are obvious.  Others only become apparent when the text is studied.  This is one of those times when a key verse is difficult to choose, but I’ll begin with the passage that prompted one of my questions.  It’s from Job 42:7-10.  In verse 7, God rebukes Job’s three friends because they have not spoken of Him what is right as Job has.  However, when you read their words, it is difficult to find fault with the things they actually said about God.  You can read very similar statements in the psalms and the proverbs.  So what is the problem?  I endeavored to find out.  In the process, I found something amazing.  I think I understand what their problem was, but more importantly, I found Jesus!

There was no podcast for the Sunday School session today, but Linda passed along this powerful video that was shared with the church and it works very well with the message.

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